Project Scope: Trademark Development, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Copywriting
Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop​​​​​​​, Adobe InDesign

Overview: Founded in 1961, Breckenridge Ski Resort has established itself as a top skiing destination in Colorado, offering a more high-end experience for visitors.
Approach: The current visual identity has a more athletic look and feel, potentially alienating the larger casual skiing audience looking for a trip to Breckenridge. The new approach needed to align with the brand’s upscale positioning and distinguish it from other ski resorts. Drawing inspiration from the resort’s heritage, the project references 1960’s ski passes, advertisements, and brochures to create a more fitting brand identity. The resulting visual style features classic typography, elegant accents, and a neutral color palette, which combine to exude a timeless and sophisticated look.
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